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Asure ID

Asure ID Enterprise™ is the perfect photo ID
software choice for large companies that operate
over a corporate (LAN/WAN) network.  Multiple operators and different departments can easily create, update and maintain shared databases.

Sample Identification CardsAsure ID Enterprise™ is the result of Synercardís research into the needs of photo ID software users. You told us what features you would like to see and we built a product you will love to use.  Using Asure ID Enterpriseís advanced networking and database tools users can easily create, edit and view records that are shared on a corporate database between multiple operators and different departments.

High End Performance Without the High End Price

While Asure ID Enterprise incorporates the power, features, security, and flexibility of a high end photo ID software product, its price is anything but high end. It was designed to be cost competitive while also incorporating leading edge features such as the ability to encode contact and contactless smart cards as well as being one of the only software programs that allows encoding facial images in Datastripís 2D barcode symbology.

Peace of Mind.

Enterprise allows you to easily use the Internet to securely transfer card data to a Card Service Bureau for primary or backup card production. Itís easy and means that you can produce cards no matter what.

If you are searching for full featured software that remains easy to use, we recommend the software maker Synercard. You can find details on their software at .Are you confused by all the software packages out there? Go to and get the information you need on a variety of photo identification card software programs.  If you are looking for simple software that fits your budget then Simply ID from Software Solutions is the choice for you.

The easiest way to get custom photo badges is by using Connect.  You can download this free software at . If you have less than 1000 people to badge, you may want to consider our service bureau.  You can find additional information on our service bureau at . Our service bureau generally has a 24 hour production time for your badges.

FARGO Card Printer Systems are ideal for Employee photo badges, Visitor identification badges, Cash free cafeteria and gift ship purchases, Corporate credit union account cards, Employee time and attendance tracking and access control for buildings, garages, and secured areas. Look at all the ways they can be used at  In addition to printing professional looking identification cards, FARGO systems offer the following capabilities: one step printing - no time consuming cutting and pasting, high speed printing - print while employee waits, on site badging - no mail delays, durable cards - for wearing or carrying in wallet, crisp, clear bar codes, magnetic stripe and smart card encoding options, oversized badge printing for quick, visual identification, Input/output card stackers for high volume applications, dual card hoppers for storage of both employee and visitor badge blank card stock.

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Asure ID Enterprise